Marian’s Canvas

Good dreams in the air are flower power in the sky.


My good friend Marianne has painting as a hobby and she is very interested in art. However, she doesn’t always feel comfortable flying in a commercial aircraft and she is also sceptical about it. However, she does like to travel sometimes on holiday with her husband or her family by plane.

What is your favourite aircraft?

Marianne takes a critical view of flying. But when I ask her about a special flight experience, she is particularly enthusiastic about one flight. She flew in an Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800 between Düsseldorf (DUS) and Dubai (DXB) and return. She says: “The Airbus A380 is so smooth in the air, and its size gives a unique feeling of space. The friendly flight attendants from the many different nations at Emirates match my cosmopolitan view of the world. Flying becomes an amazing experience.” – And that word’s are coming from Marianne :-)!

Airbus A380-842 – MSN 256 – A6-EVG

First flight 10/2018, delivered new to Emirates 06/2019 in standard livery (see above), painted in “Year of the Fiftieth” special colours since 08/2021.

Departed as a single, arrived as a couple!

In 1984, Marianne flew from Düsseldorf (DUS) to Malaga (AGP) on holiday with a female friend. On the same flight stayed a man who had also booked the same hotel. As it happened, when the holiday was over, they were on the return flight together as a couple. But the story is not over yet. They married a short time later and are still happily married today. Flying not only connects cities and countries but also people – it was LTU’s L1011-1 TriStar. LTU was a very popular airline in western Germany. It started in Frankfurt in 1955, but quickly moved its headquarters to Düsseldorf. It was taken over by Air Berlin in 2007, which stopped using the LTU brand in the summer of 2009 and thereafter operated all flights under the Air Berlin brand. In 2011, it was completely integrated into Air Berlin.

L1011-1 TriStar – MSN 1114 – D-AERI

Colour scheme 1984, deliverd to LTU 03/1977, Interior caught fire during maintenance while being in hangar, no injuries 28/06/1991, written off.

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